Teensy Tweets – Emmys 2012

The 2012 Emmy Awards have just finished – so join the Teensy Tweets gang to hear what they have to say about it. Please subscribe!! :)

Teensy Tweets – A Dr Who Town Called Mercy

An episode of stand up comedy for Dr. Who fans! Did you watch “A Town Called Mercy”? The birds sure did.


Teensy Tweets – Mitt Romney & Chris Brown

The war on women makes for strange bedfellows! Mitt Romney and Chris Brown? Check out the Teensy Tweets – fowl humor in little bites. Please subscribe!

Teensy Tweets – Dr Who Asylum Of The Daleks

It’s stand-up for Whovians! The Teensy Tweeters take on the brand new Dr Who “Asylum of the Daleks.” Pls share and subscribe!! :)