Teensy Tweets – Miley Cyrus Haircut Special

Miley Cyrus’ new haircut is making SHOCK WAVES! Which means you can count on the Teensy Tweeters to have their say. PLEASE subscribe, share and like!!! :)


Teensy Tweets Ep6 – “Epiloopsy”

The Teensy Tweeters take on Epilepsy and Apple’s new Mountain Lion software.

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Teensy Tweets – Kristin Stewart Robert Pattinson Cheatin’ Special

It’s the Teensy Tweets take on the Kristin Stewart scandal! How’s Robert Pattinson dealing with it? How are the birds dealing with it? PLEASE subscribe, share and like!!! :)

Ep5 – Mutant Smegma

A brand new bunch of birds joins the Teensy Tweeters – say hello to Momma G and her 3 chicks! This week, the gang take on the Zodiac, New Years Resolutions and how to go to the bathroom properly. Take note: this could save your life.


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Fred Willard Wankathon Special

Fred Willard’s been caught doing something naughty in an adult movie theater. The Teensy Tweets crew are there to give him a hand.


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Ep4 – Tender Cow Nipples

What should you REALLY do when life gives you lemons? The Teensy Tweeters take on that, ¬†God’s work ethic and bathroom decor.

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Ep2 – Take My Cherry!

The Teensy Tweeters take on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Golden Showers. How can you miss it???


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