Teensy Tweets – Emmys 2012

The 2012 Emmy Awards have just finished – so join the Teensy Tweets gang to hear what they have to say about it. Please subscribe!! :)

Teensy Tweets – A Dr Who Town Called Mercy

An episode of stand up comedy for Dr. Who fans! Did you watch “A Town Called Mercy”? The birds sure did.


Teensy Tweets – Mitt Romney & Chris Brown

The war on women makes for strange bedfellows! Mitt Romney and Chris Brown? Check out the Teensy Tweets – fowl humor in little bites. Please subscribe!

Teensy Tweets – Kristin Stewart Robert Pattinson Cheatin’ Special

It’s the Teensy Tweets take on the Kristin Stewart scandal! How’s Robert Pattinson dealing with it? How are the birds dealing with it? PLEASE subscribe, share and like!!! :)

Ep4 – Tender Cow Nipples

What should you REALLY do when life gives you lemons? The Teensy Tweeters take on that, ¬†God’s work ethic and bathroom decor.

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